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Natural Treatments for Ovarian Cysts

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If you have pain in your ovaries, you should always seek treatment and diagnosis from a doctor. There can be many serious causes of ovarian pain including ectopic pregnancies, cysts and cancer. I believe the first time I had ovarian pain it was caused by a vitamin K deficiency. The second time the vitamin K rich foods didn't help but the following treatments completely alleviated the pain.

My Personal Experience

Last summer I had problems with both heavy menstrual periods and ovarian pain. Unlike in the past, more vitamin K in my diet wasn't helping this time. I tried different diet and exercise variations, and the following treatments are what seemed to work. I also noticed during this time that my pH was very acid and my blood pressure was high, which was unusual for me.

Alkaline Diet

I tested my pH during the time I was having problems with heavy periods and ovarian pain and my pH was extremely acid. My blood pressure was also high. I had been trying to lose weight and was eating different foods than I normally eat, including lots of salads with dressing. My change in diet and exercise habits must not have been good for me overall, even though I had been losing weight.

To correct the bleeding and pain problems, I switched to a diet low in salt, fat and processed foods and high in alkaline fruits and vegetables. I also cut back on the salads since that is what I had been eating a lot of prior to my health issues. That seemed to help both the bleeding and the pain. The foods I ate frequently during this healing time were:

  • Bananas

  • Yams

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Potatoes

I ate the above foods because they are alkaline forming and also good for high blood pressure. The foods that made me worse during this time were yogurt with active cultures, cheese and salty foods. I also became much worse after taking a probiotic / acidophilus supplement.

I tried not to eat too much fat during this time to keep my estrogen levels low, since estrogen can be one cause of heavy periods. I also avoided processed foods. I ate numerous servings of potatoes and bananas because they are high in vitamin B6, which can help to reduce high estrogen levels.

Model Elle Macpherson carries pH paper with her to keep her urine acid. On a more scientific note, a 2012 article in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health recommended that it would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to for health improvement and prevention of chronic diseases.


I noticed that very slow paced walking reduced both the bleeding and the pain. It was a bit ironic, because the last thing I felt like doing during this time was any type of exercise. Yet walking helped a great deal. Since I wasn't feeling all that well, I would just walk around the back yard or in front of the TV for about 2,000 steps at a time, tracking the steps carefully with a pedometer.

When I would stop walking for any length of time the bleeding would return. So for a few days I would set my alarm and walk every few hours, even during the night. I am not entirely sure why it worked, but I can think of two possible reasons. The first is that perhaps my estrogen levels were too high and the exercise helped lower them. The second was that maybe the walking improved my circulation. In any event walking had an immediate effect and the more I walked the better I felt.

Muscle Relaxation

I also think some of the ovarian pain issues were simply from tight muscles on the right side of my body pressing on my ovary. In hindsight I suspect the tight muscles were preventing a natural circulation of body fluids in and around my ovaries, causing a fluid filled cyst to form. As I had been trying to lose weight I had been doing more walking and dancing instead of my normal, muscle relaxing yoga routines. I now believe this tightened up the muscles in my hips and waist area which then pressed on my ovary.

Relaxing the muscles in my groin area, hips and buttocks helped. The first technique I tried was to place a hot water bottle over my right ovary. I would just lay on the couch and watch TV for an hour or two with the hot water bottle in place and this helped reduce the pain.

The next muscle relaxation technique I tried was trigger point therapy. I have some hard plastic balls with bumps on them called Goosebumps and I would just lay on my back and roll my right hips and buttocks over the Goosebump balls. If you don't have any special muscle relaxation balls, a tennis ball will do, too. One of my web site readers even used hard rubber dog toys to press on her trigger points for muscle relaxation.

The third thing I tried that also ended up being helpful was yoga. The posture that helped the ovarian pain were the same ones that helped my sciatica. A list can be found here. The hip rotator stretch also helped a great deal.


The first time I had a severe incidence of ovarian pain it was corrected by eating more vitamin K rich foods. Later in life I had another episode of similar pain on my right side where I was officially diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Other symptoms that occurred during this second episode with the cyst were an acid pH, high blood pressure and heavy menstrual bleeding.

On this second occasion the natural treatments that helped my cyst and other symptoms were:

1. Diet changes to make my diet more alkaline and lower my blood pressure. This included eating more:

  • Low fat foods
  • Alkaline fruits and vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Yams
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Bananas
  • And avoiding yogurt, cheese, and salty foods

2. Walking every few hours, approximately 2,000 steps at a time. This caused an immediate reduction in both the pain and bleeding. Sitting at my PC seemed to make the pain worse, probably because of muscles being pulled in less than optimal directions and the impediment of my circulation.

3. Relaxation of the muscles in my groin, hip and buttock areas on my right side.

  • Hot water bottle over right ovary while laying down
  • Trigger point therapy on right side hips and buttocks
  • Yoga postures

I don't know if these techniques would help anyone else, but it may give other women some food for thought. I would also recommend for others with ovarian pain to keep a food, activity and pain journal to try to find what makes the pain better and what makes it worse. I came up with this list through a lot of trial and error until a had an extensive list of actions that all seemed to help.

And of course, any time you have ovarian pain see your doctor first to rule out cancer or any other serious medical causes. I was told I had a small cyst and no medical treatment was necessary, however the natural treatments above alleviated the pain, the heavy menstrual bleeding and lowered my high blood pressure.



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